SRT To Increase Driver Pay, Cut Health Insurance Costs As End Of Year Bonus

by Jake Tully - Published: 12/19/2018

In anticipation of job offerings going into the new year, Texarkana, Arkansas-based carrier Southern Refrigerated Trucking announced that as of December 17th, all mileage-based drivers at the company will see a three-cent-per-mile pay raise in addition to cost reductions in employee health insurance. 

Sources at Southern Refrigerated Trucking (SRT) report that this announcement indicates the third pay increase for the company in 15 months as well as the third time within the past two years that the company has lowered the cost of employee health insurance.

“We want to say thank you to our people who work hard to make SRT a reliable carrier for our customers,” COO at SRT Billy Cartright said. “Our professional drivers are on the front lines of our business, and their success is the reason we can implement these improvements in benefits.”

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Cartright reports that increases in pay and reduction of costs demonstrate overall improvement in performance for SRT as well as a desire for company figures to reward drivers for such success.

Cartright also said that he hopes the pay increase signifies to drivers at SRT that the company is a top carrier to work for and that drivers feel as though the company believes in them.

Director of recruiting at SRT, Terri Lafeyette reports that increases in pay and cost reductions over the past few years have resulted in a total compensation increase of thousands of dollars for company drivers.

According to Lafeyette, the latest three-cent-per-mile increase alongside lower health insurance costs will result in an extra $8,000 in compensation for some drivers.

Interested parties may learn more about SRT by visiting the company’s site.