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The world of trucking isn't simply the stories that take place on highways and make major headlines – it's about the changing landscape of America's economy and the professionals who contribute to one of the largest economic sectors in the country. Communities across the nation depend on trucks and their drivers to deliver their goods so their normal routines can continue as planned – if there is a story that deals with trucking, it is also a story that deals with the life of the everyday American. With over 3.5 million drivers on the road, there is an ever-growing community of those interested in the commercial transportation industry and the news that directly impacts their lives and line of work. has the stories – from the personal accounts of our diligent men and women on the road to the larger issues that see many individuals and sides voicing their opinions.

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While many trucking companies and fleets may attempt to court drivers to open job positions with promises of leading pay in the industry, a study conducted with data collected from OdinText shows that...

truck driver pleads guilty in Texas human smuggling case
The truck driver charged in the fatal human smuggling case that made headlines last July appeared in court in Texas on Monday. The botched smuggling operation resulted in the deaths o...

Earlier today, Celadon Group announced the appointment of Thom Albrecht as Executive Vice President – Chief Financial and Strategy Officer at the company, succeeding Bobby Peavler as Chief Financial...

Denton, Texas-based medium and heavy duty-class truck manufacturer Peterbilt announced earlier today the election of Anthony Gansle to the Used Truck Association (UTA) Board of Directors. Gansle, who ...

Last night’s speech by President Donald Trump saw an angle aimed at a particular group of blue collar workers – this time by way of the commercial trucking industry. During President Trump’s sp...


Trucking Industry

The trucking industry is an area of American commerce and trade that does not only impact those working within it – it concerns the entire country. When loads get dispatched, drivers hit the road, and individuals working behind the scenes coordinate it all, the rest of us see the direct results of the hard-working men and women making it all happen. Consumers in the country can thank the trucking industry for providing them with opportunities to buy their goods at nearly any time of day, and those who a hold trucking job work around the clock to create this convenience.

It is estimated that nearly 70% of domestic freight is transported by means of trucking. This figure translates to approximately 10.5 billion tons of freight moved annually, which accounts for an insurmountable amount of items that hit the shelves for folks in the country to buy. Without the expansion and innovations of the trucking industry, our society would not be able to keep up with its tendency to expect instant gratification or a wide array of products from all around the globe.

Though the trucking industry serves a particular and specific purpose, this is not to say that it is one-dimensional in its scope and the stories that surround it. The fact of the matter is that trucking has served as an occupation, providing trucking jobs around the nation, as well as a general lifestyle for those involved. The trucking industry in America is as much a large and well-known subculture as it is an enormous and infamous facet of business. Companies and fleets of all sizes thrive in the market of trucking, and every individual driver has a unique story that helps shape the current state of trucking.

Countless men and women have been afforded the pleasure to hit the highway and see more of the country than they ever thought imaginable thanks to the opportunities provided by the need for drivers in the country. The trucking industry has helped keep the spirit of the nomadic lifestyle alive, a feeling that many who drive often carry with them as they work endlessly navigating the open road. Trucking is one of the few industries left in the country that can support those within it to lead interesting and exciting lives filled with a variety of experiences and chance encounters.

American roadways and life is profoundly impacted by the presence of the trucking industry. Whether it's the 3.5 million individuals that hold a trucker job or the incomparable growth that commercial trucking provides to the country's economy, our culture simply would not be the same without the trucking industry. There's never a dull moment within the world of trucking and there is always a new story to be found on the open road.

There is a need to stay updated in order to know what lies on the road ahead - is your destination for breaking stories and the issues that matter.

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Trucking Industry News

October 11, 2017: Trump Appeals To Truck Drivers To Help Sell New Tax Plan
October 10, 2017: Ryder Included Among Top 100 Trucker By Inbound Logistics
October 09, 2017: Crowley Maritime Trucks Continue to Aid Puerto Rico
October 06, 2017: WIT Announces Finalists for 2017 Influential Women In Trucking Award
October 05, 2017: ArcBest to Announce 2017 Third Quarter Earnings Via Conference Call
October 04, 2017: Beloved Truck Driver Among 59 Killed In Las Vegas Shooting
October 04, 2017: Bennett Drivers Help FEMA Efforts In Puerto Rico
October 03, 2017: Buffett To Acquire Truck Stop Chain Pilot Flying J
October 02, 2017: Covenant Transport Services Announced As New Group For Trucking Companies
October 02, 2017: Trucker Fights Off Robber With Machete Weeks After Wisconsin Driver Violently Attacked At Rest Stop
September 29, 2017: Study Shows that ELD Mandate May Lead To Market Expansion
September 28, 2017: Pilot Flying J Announces Return of Road Warrior Program
September 27, 2017: 1 Driver Dead, 2 Seriously Injured In Fiery Three-Semi Crash
September 27, 2017: Navistar Reports That Digital Supply Chain Will Boost Industry Productivity
September 26, 2017: Raymond Martinez Nominated For Trump Admin To Head FMCSA
September 25, 2017: MVT To Give Away Fuel Economy Tests At NACV
September 23, 2017: Senate Passes New Anti-Trafficking Bills, Including Lifetime CDL Ban
September 22, 2017: CRST Expedited: A New Group of Million Milers Have Joined CRST’s Wall.
September 21, 2017: Truck Driver Will Not Face Death Penalty In Fatal Smuggling Case, Second Suspect Charged
September 21, 2017: FleetPride Opens New Orleans Location, Holds Grand Opening
September 20, 2017: Celadon Trucking To Make Changes In Driver Training
September 19, 2017: Police Search For Suspect Vehicle In Fatal Shooting Of Omaha Truck Driver/Iraq War Veteran
September 19, 2017: ELD Ratings Offers Users Free Insight Into E-Log Technology
September 18, 2017: National Technician Skills Competition Underway, Efforts Support Hurricane Relief
September 15, 2017: NACV To Feature Continental's Remote Tire Monitoring System
September 14, 2017: Mack Debuts New Truck With Efficiency and Productivity Boosts
September 13, 2017: ATA Tells Congress Benefits of Automation In Trucking
September 12, 2017: New Training Platform At Roadrunner To Promote Individual Driver Success
September 11, 2017: Irma Aftermath: Floods, Power Outages and Fuel Shortages Continue to Devastate Florida
September 11, 2017: Updated Lonestar Truck Announced For National Truck Driver Appreciation Week
September 08, 2017: New Clean Energy Trucking Expo Slated For Spring 2018
September 07, 2017: Florida Gov. Tackles Fuel Shortage and Traffic Jams As State Braces For Irma
September 07, 2017: ATA Stands With House of Reps Decision To Keep ELD Compliance Date
September 06, 2017: Sources Say Tesla May Debut Semi At NACV
September 05, 2017: Kansas Freight Company Named Among Fastest Growing U.S. Companies
September 01, 2017: Haney Truck Line Acquired By Wilson Logistics
August 31, 2017: Teamsters Protest Diesel Engine Company at GATS
August 30, 2017: Trucker Wages Expected to Climb With Seasonal Sales
August 29, 2017: Hirschbach Motor Lines to Use Technology To Match Drivers With Managers
August 28, 2017: Study Shows Drivers Participated In Solar Eclipse Viewing
August 25, 2017: Minimizer Offers OTR Drivers New Mattress Designed For The Truck
August 24, 2017: 2 Truck Drivers Shot In 2 Attempted Robberies On Cleveland's East Side
August 24, 2017: Terrorist Attacks On Supply Chain At All-Time High, Trucking A Top Target
August 23, 2017: Webinar To Help Prepare Drivers For ELD Mandate
August 22, 2017: ATA Reports July Freight Saw Slight Increase
August 21, 2017: Another Ohio Truck Driver Blacks Out On Heroin While Behind The Wheel
August 21, 2017: GATS Attendees Eligible For MVR Discount From Corra Group
August 18, 2017: Trucking Unlimited Awards Annual Scholarship to MIT Student
August 17, 2017: Women In Trucking Accepting Nominations for 2017 Influential WIT Award
August 16, 2017: Solar Eclipse Band Impacts Many States, Reports CMCA
August 15, 2017: Annual ATRI Survey Calls For Data - Top Industry Concerns
August 14, 2017: Truck Market In North America Seeing Positive Trends in 2017
August 11, 2017: Trucker Sleep Apnea Resource Defends Schumer's Stance On Regulation
August 10, 2017: Coca-Cola Using Trucks To Promote Jobs For Drivers In Atlanta
August 09, 2017: ATRI Studies Potential Safety of Younger Drivers
August 08, 2017: Mesilla Valley Transportation Adopts Solar Power Systems
August 07, 2017: ABF Freight To Send 11 Drivers to National Truck Driving Championships
August 04, 2017: Clean Diesel Trucks At All Time High Operation In Pennsylvania
August 03, 2017: KAG Logistics Recognized Among top 100 Third-Party Logistics Providers
August 02, 2017: ATA Names New Executive Director of Intermodal Motor Carrier Conference
August 01, 2017: New Cascadia Models to Feature Optional Solar Panel
July 31, 2017: Small Shippers Embracing Technology To Increase Efficiency
July 28, 2017: Thousands Quickly Opt In To Financing Options For Truck Parts
July 27, 2017: 3 Teens Dead, 1 Injured After Vehicle Slams Into Parked Semi Trailer
July 27, 2017: Crowley Logistics Sees $2.3 Billion Contract With Department of Defense
July 26, 2017: NSTB Study Hopes To Reduce Fatalities From Speeding
July 25, 2017: More Details Emerge In Deadly Smuggling Operation, Truck Driver Could Face Death Penalty
July 25, 2017: Seattle Sand and Gravel Drivers Encouraged to Strike
July 24, 2017: V3 Transportation and Expediter of The Year Donate To Trucking Charity
July 23, 2017: Trucker Arrested After Botched Smuggling Attempt Leaves 9 Dead and Several in Critical Condition
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