Stay Metrics Shares Top Strategies to Retain Drivers At TPP Seminar

by Jake Tully - Published: 6/28/2018

Earlier this week, CEO of truck driver engagement platform, Stay Metrics, Tim Hindes reportedly shared nine data-driven strategies for recruiting and retention within the transportation industry to those in attendance of the Truckload Profitability Program in Chicago.

According to Stay Metrics, the top recruiting and retention strategies shared to attendees were gathered through a process of scientific survey , with an emphasis on the need for truckload carriers to implement such information within their driver retention programs.

“Asking drivers for their opinions and then systematically using those opinions to effect change shows profound respect,” said Hindes.

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Stay Metrics reports that Hindes also shared research collected regarding early-stage driver turnover as well as pinpointing drivers who may be at-risk of leaving a carrier.

Hindes reportedly challenged attendees to review their driver turnover data over the past six to twelve months in order to better analyze recruiting and socialization processes.

“The purpose of the review is to really understand what the recruiting experience is like for a driver at your company,” said Hindes. “Pay close attention to how easily drivers are able to reach a human being and take note of how often your recruiters call drivers and leave voice mails. Most people are letting calls ring through these days, so it is important to have a texting strategy.”

Among top concerns in driver turnover is a driver’s expectations of a job being mismatched with the realities of a job.

To combat this, Hindes recommends that companies provide an overabundance of recognition and rewards programs in order to sufficiently relay appreciation to drivers for their work.

More information on Stay Metrics as well as retention strategies may be found at the company’s site.