Schneider to Expand Usage of Stay Metrics Service To Gain Insight For New Drivers

by Jake Tully - Published: 2/06/2018

Stay Metrics, a provider of solutions for driver engagement, retention and training announced earlier today that the company has expanded an agreement with trucking company Schneider to increase use of Stay Metrics products.

According to Stay Metrics, Schneider has been a customer of the company since March 2016, using surveys to gain insight into driver orientation, driver onboarding and the exit process for drivers, and will reportedly increase its usage by twofold.

Rob Reich, senior vice president of equipment, maintenance and driver development at Schneider reports that using surveys to gain insight into new employees is valuable feedback to move forward with operations.

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“Our number one priority is understanding drivers’ needs and improving their experience at Schneider,” said Reich. “It is important to get timely feedback that can be used to improve professional driving careers at Schneider. Drivers can be very open and honest when providing feedback to a third party and it eliminates bias to prioritize and understand where we can improve.”

Stay Metrics reports that research shows the number one cause of early driver turnover is unrealistic job expectations, information which has been provided to Schneider.

Schneider additionally reported that after nearly two years as a Stay Metrics client, the company believes it has created a more positive experience for its drivers.

“Drivers of all experience levels recognize Schneider as an industry leader for its safety-oriented training and career opportunities,” said Tim Hindes, co-founder and chief executive officer of Stay Metrics. “We are pleased to have the opportunity to expand our services with a company that shares our passion for innovation and improvement.”

Schneider reportedly offers a wide variety of career options for drivers including long-haul routes, regional routes and local routes, with route options differing across several divisions of trucks at the company.