Women In Trucking Reports Latest Expo Shows Growth In Gender Diversity

by Jake Tully - Published: 11/21/2017

Following the annual Accelerate! Conference and expo held earlier this month in Kansas City, Missouri, the Women In Trucking Association reports that gender diversity within trucking was a key theme at the event.

Following a reported record-breaking attendance at the Accelerate! Conference and expo, Women In Trucking President and CEO Ellen Voie reports that the number of men and women attendees demonstrates a move towards better gender diversity within trucking.

“It is truly exciting to see so many women and men engaged in the issue of gender diversity,” said Voie. “The positive energy and supportive atmosphere at the conference established the perfect environment for talking frankly about common challenges, sharing best practices, expressing our pride in the industry, and empowering us all to be our best.”

Women In Trucking (WIT) reports that one major takeaway from the event was the need for the industry to provide women with internal support programs that foster progress and internal succession as well as programs that provide companies with the tools to be more innovative and productive.

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To this end, WIT reports that a Peterbilt-based leadership group has successfully helped further the careers of women in the industry through the Women’s Initiative Network, a program launched close to two years ago.

According to WIT, another large finding from the Accelerate! Conference is the need for the industry to help women refer one another to the jobs within trucking.

Keera Brooks of Sawgrass Logistics reports that a survey conducted within the industry on behalf of WIT found that 83 percent of women entering the trucking industry do so due to a referral by a friend or family member, while men are much more likely to recommended trucking to others as a prospective career path than women are.

WIT reports that the conference also served as a networking opportunity for attendees, with group discussions and round table luncheons as well as the ability to meet with nearly 70 industry providers from all sectors of the trucking industry.

“This conference really showcases the vibrant community of Women In Trucking members and corporate partners,” said Voie. “We’re looking forward to continue growing the conference and raising awareness for women’s issues in the transportation industry. When we work together, our potential is limitless!”