Ascent Global Logistics Appoints New Senior Vice Preisdne for Domestic Frieght Management Group

by Jake Tully - Published: 12/12/2018

Earlier this week, Ascent Global Logistics, a company operating independently under Roadrunner Transportation Services announced that that Annette Luyten has joined the company as the Senior Vice President of Operations within the company’s Domestic Freight Management Group sector.

Bill Goodigon, President of Ascent Global Logistics announced that Luyten’s appointment will prove beneficial to the company due to her background and experience with the matters she will be attending to.

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“We are very proud to introduce Annette as the newest addition to our leadership team here at Ascent,” said Bill Goodgion, President of Ascent Global Logistics. “Annette brings a tremendous amount of experience that will help accelerate the success of our agent network.”

President of Ascent Domestic Freight Management, Chris Cook, reports the growing presence of Ascent demonstrates the success and industry focus that the company has shown recently and that moves are being made to better serve the company’s base.

“We are pleased to announce that the breadth and prosperity of our agent network continues to expand,” said Cook. “We are mirroring this success with additional investments into the leadership of the program to ensure we provide our agents with the very best in operational focus and direction tailored to meet their specific business needs.”

More information on Ascent Global Logistics may be found at the company’s site.