Status Transportation To Work Alongside Owner-Operators For More Road Safety

by Jake Tully - Published: 11/29/2018

Florida-based trucking company, Status Transportation Corp announced earlier this week that it will be taking a more active role in working alongside its owner-operator fleet to help reduce accidents on the roads through use of technology and dispatch support.

According to sources at Status Transportation Corp, the company will provide a proactive role to curb threats to drivers may result in a loss of revenue, accidents or fatalities using tools and procedures to help prevent these incidents.

“Increasing the frequency of inspections can help prevent the negative press of a serious accident and keeps Owner Operators aware of the need to be proactive,” said John L. Statkus, President of Status Transportation. “We also remind them to apply common sense and have good rest before beginning their routes”

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Status Transportation reports
that owner-operators will undergo inspections every three months, a practice aimed at establishing a greater connectivity between employees.

Sources from Status report that instilling procedures on how to handle road hazards as well as how to practice overall safe driving procedures has been a long-standing company policy.

“Status Transportation is committed to ensuring Owner Operators remain focused on the road and driving in a safe and proactive manner,” said Statkus. “From the initial orientation to the use of electronic logbooks, we go above and beyond to provide guidance and controls.”

More information on Status may be find at the company’s site.