Public Listening For HOS To Be Held in Reno, NV Later This Month

by Jake Tully - Published: 9/20/2018

Earlier this week, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced that it will hold a public listening session in Reno, Nevada on Saturday, September 22 from 10:00 a.m. to noon at the National Automobile Museum.

According to the FMCSA, the public listening session will be used to collect comments on the revision of the current regulations for hours-of-service for interstate truckers. 

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Among the areas under potential revision are the extension of 14-hour on-day limitations, revision of the mandatory 30-minute break for drivers after 30 minutes of operation, and other time-related issues within the industry.

The FMCSA reports that this open comment session follows the ELD rule implemented earlier this year, which brought focus to hours of service regulations which has had reported impacts on certain sectors of trucking.

Sources from the FMCSA report the comment period will be open through October 10, 2018.

Interested parties unable to attend the public listening in Reno on September 22 may participate via Live Stream at the following link: