GHSA Appoints New Chair For One-Year Term

by Jake Tully - Published: 9/11/2018

Earlier today the Governors Highway Safety Administration announced the appointment of Dr. Darrin Grondel as Chair of the association, in which he will serve a one-year term.

According to sources at the GHSA, Washington State’s Grondel will take the helm of the organization to advocate priorities and policies involving issues related to traffic and safety as well as address substance-impaired driving and preparation for autonomous vehicle technologies.

“With so many emerging threats, states need to focus on the basics of saving lives by ministering strong programs rather than administering bureaucracy,” said Grondel, in working towards the goal of zero deaths on roadways in America.

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The GHSA reports that Grondel participated in Washington State’s implementation of sales for recreational marijuana, giving him familiarity with the issue of drug-impaired driving.

In accordance with GHSA guidelines and practices, the organization reports that Grondel will work with updated policies regarding drugged driving, while acknowledging the organizational stance that research has not yet identified a scientifically sound limit for driving under the impairment of marijuana.

“Impairment is impairment, regardless of the substance,” Grondel said. “Combating this growing problem means having the research, funding and tools to effectively educate the public and equip and energize law enforcement.”

The GHSA reports that during Grondel’s term, the new chair plans on expanding member services, collaborating with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and strengthening existing partnerships within the energy to create synergy within the industry.

More information on Grondel’s appointment and the GHSA may be found at the organization’s site.