BorgWarner To Proivde Efficient Fans For New Cascadia Models

by Jake Tully - Published: 6/20/2017

As the first day of summer hits the trucking industry and drivers attempt to keep cool during the long hauls, the need for fans and proper engine cooling are paramount to a driver’s well-being.

In step with the increased heat that some trucks across the country may be facing, commercial transportation parts company BorgWarner announced yesterday that the company will be supplying fans for the new Cascadia model from Freightliner Trucks.

In achieving status as the supplier of fans for Freightliner’s new model, BorgWarner reports that its technology will allow for greater airflow and provide better fuel economy due to its operational efficiency.

“Long-haul drivers cover hundreds of miles each week, and keeping cool in hot weather is critical to their health and performance,” said Dave Martinson, BorgWarner Supervisor, Application Engineering CV/OH. “Our innovative fans and fan drives provide better engine cooling, preventing trucks from getting excessively hot in summer and allowing for a safer and more comfortable driver experience.”

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In a press release issued by BorgWarner yesterday, the company reports that a typical class 8 truck will have a fan with up to 11 blades, which may lead to a fan disengagement and blocking radiator airflow when driving through certain terrains.

BorgWarner reports that its 6-blade fan will provide optimal cooling and airflow for the Cascadia model, with fewer blades as the solution to keeping engines cooled down.

“The fan features innovative optimized blade geometry delivering effective cooling when the fan drive is engaged and greater fuel efficiency when disengaged,” said Martinson. “The truck drivers will also appreciate the reduction in noise when compared to conventional fans.”

Additionally, BorgWarner reports the value in teaming with Freightliner and aligning with the Cascadia Model for a commercial vehicle that optimizes its time on the road through advantageous parts.

“BorgWarner’s unmatched engineering expertise for on-highway vehicles is an ideal choice for Freightliner’s new state-of-the-art Cascadia® model,” said Martinson. “The low parasitic drag of the BorgWarner fan and clutch products is the right choice for the Cascadia® linehaul application.”