ATA, Share The Road Ask Truckers to Practice Safety For Memorial Day Weekend

by Jake Tully - Published: 5/24/2017

In preparing for Memorial Day 2017 and the expected increase of travelers on the road, the American Trucking Association is utilizing its Share The Road program to raise awareness for safe driving habits from truckers over the holiday weekend.

According to AAA, over 39.3 million Americans will make trips that extend as far as 50 miles from home in 2017. AAA also reports a figure of more than 88.1 percent of travelers will be on the road on Memorial Day itself, which may be cause for greater focus on road safety and attention.

"The fallen heroes who fought for our freedom served so that we could enjoy the comforts and safety of life in America, including the safe highways that we travel each day," said Tim Melody of ABF Freight, Share the Road Professional Truck Driver. "Truck drivers, like me, who continue to deliver goods during this holiday weekend hope that all motorists will go to great lengths to insure safety."

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The ATA and its Share The Road program are reportedly encouraging commercial drivers to utilize patience, good judgement and focus when operating on the roads.

In hopes of spreading this awareness, the ATA reports that some truckers from major transportation fleets have joined the Share the Road Professional Truck Driver program.

"As professional truck drivers, we hold an important responsibility of making safe decisions every moment of our work day," said Micheal Sheeds, Share the Road Professional Truck Driver of Werner Enterprises. "By following a few simple rules, members of the motoring public can greatly improve their driving behaviors to ensure that everyone makes it home safely this weekend."

Among the tips provided by the ATA, the association notes that slowing down the speed of one’s truck, abstaining from driving while impaired and displaying awareness regarding blind spots are among the paramount tactics in driving safely.

Share The Road is an outreach program of the ATA that provides education to drivers about large trucks sharing the road with other vehicles. For more information and tips provided by the organization, visit the site here.