Trucking Moves America Forward Reflects on Infrastructure Week

by Jake Tully - Published: 5/18/2017

As Infrastructure week draws to an end, industry members agree that roadways are perhaps one of the most vital aspects of the trucking industry, quality roadways across America are the lifeblood to efficient and reliable transportation.

Within the commercial transportation industry, May 15th through May 19th 2017 sees Infrastructure Week, a week long promotion for the health of America’s Infrastructure and awareness in the economical impact that the nation’s infrastructure represents.

Among the list of over 290 Affiliates for Infrastructure Week 2017, Trucking Moves America Forward participated in the week’s events. An association concerned with advocating growth within the trucking industry as well as demonstrating the importance of trucking to policymakers, TMAF reached out nationwide to educated the country on the importance of a strong infrastructure for the trucking industry.

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“The entire 7.3 million professionals in the trucking industry understand the importance of a long-term funding solution,” said Kevin Burch, Co-Chair of Trucking Moves America Forward. “The highways are our office and the better the conditions are, the safer and more efficiently we can deliver the goods that consumers use every day.Currently our infrastructure is crumbling which threatens to not only slowdown trucking, but all of America in the process.This is the time to invest and build.

In their third year of standing as an infrastructure Week affiliate, Trucking Moves America Forward launched a several online and social media campaigns that have shared insight and messages that surround the importance of infrastructure.

In taking a strong online presence, TMAF reports that it will be able to disseminate its message to a wider audience and will be able to connect with other Infrastructure Week partners.

“TMAF has been promoting infrastructure-focused messages on its social media properties. It also has a featured blog post on the Infrastructure Week website,” said Burch. “TMAF has joined more than 150 organizations in all – from the public, private, and non-profit sectors – to raise awareness around the need to invest in the infrastructure that makes up the backbone of the United States.”

TMAF will continue to provide support and outreach today and May 19th to complete the awareness demonstrated by partners throughout Infrastructure Week.