Saskatchewan Trucking Association Cancels Trucking Champisonships, Reports Industry Enthusiasm Low

by Jake Tully - Published: 5/16/2017

In spite of a history that reportedly saw a great deal of enthusiasm and industry excitement over the years, the Saskatchewan Trucking Association announced earlier today that the Provincial Truck Driving Championships are officially retiring.

The STA event, in part sponsored by Worksafe Saskatchewan, will not be held in 2017 despite a reported months of campaigning and promotion that hoped to engage the Canadian trucking employees.

The provincial driving championships were a fantastic event that many people were very passionate about over the years,” said Susan Ewart, STA Executive Director. “It was a great promotion for the trucking industry and a place for people to come together and celebrate the importance of trucking.

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The STA reports that other provinces had previously scaled back similar activities due to a perceived lack of interest as well as other industry-wide factors impacting the Canadian trucking industry.

Among these factors, the STA speculates that the national shortage of truck drivers may have aided in a lack of industry interest.

“The demographics have changed and the reality is that there is no longer sufficient demand for this event, so it will be officially retired,” said Ewart.

According to the STA, the association will continue to hold events celebrating driver appreciation in 2017. One event will be the STA-hosted Truck Driver Appreciation BBQ, held during the National Trucking Week in early September.