Kinedyne Announces Cargo Securment Awareness Month Ahead of CVSA Internationl Roadcheck

by Jake Tully - Published: 5/12/2017

In an effort to draw attention to the role that cargo control products to the transportation, Kinedyne, LLC has announced that May 2017 will serve as the First Annual International Cargo Securement Awareness Month.

In Preparing for the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s 2017 International Roadcheck, held June 6 -8 2017, Kinedyne will assist in providing information regarding the importance of cargo securement. The CVSA reports that it’s Roadcheck event will place emphasis on avoiding violations related to properly securing cargo.

During early June, the International Roadcheck Enforcement Event will take 72 hours to provide inspections to commercial vehicles conducted by CVSA-certified commercial vehicle inspectors.

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“Kinedyne wants to remind everyone that conforming to good safety practices is the responsibility of every fleet and owner-operator in North America,” said, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Kinedyne LLC, Paul Wolford. “It is also the responsibility of every vehicle owner/user to establish programs to train operators, inspection and maintenance personnel in accordance with all applicable standards, regulations, and laws.”

Kinedyne will be sponsoring the inaugural International Cargo Securement Awareness month throughout May, culminating in a Cargo Securement Regulation Training Webinar on May 30, 2017.

The Webinar, entitled “A Survivor’s Guide for Cargo Securement Inspections During International Roadcheck 2017” will be free for users and will cover Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations regarding securement of freight for commercial vehicles.

In attending the free online Webinar, Kinedyne reports that fleets may have a greater advantage in reducing their likelihood of receiving a CSA violation and may keep a positive Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Category score.

Those interested in attending the free Webinar on May 30 from 11 A.M. to 12 P.M. EDT can find the form to sign up here.