PrePass Service Joins ATA's Featured Products, Hopes To Make Drives More Efficient

by Jake Tully - Published: 4/28/2017

Earlier today the American Trucking Association made an announcement that it would renew PrePass service HELP Inc and feature the company as an ATA Featured and Endorsed Product.

This announcement follows a relationship between the trucking industry and HELP Inc, with the latter being named a Corporate Partner with ATA for yet another instance.

“Since HELP began compiling data in 1997, our PrePass service has provided more than 732 million successful bypasses, or green lights, to qualified motor carriers,” said Karen Rasmussen, HELP President and CEO. “PrePass has saved carriers more than 61 million man-hours and 294 million gallons of fuel in that period of time, adding up to operational cost savings of over $5.4 billion.”

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HELP Inc reports that 500,000-plus commercial vehicles use Prepass in order to be pre-screened for federal and state safety compliance protocol. Through the electronic pre-screening process, drivers do not need to exit the road, affording them the potential for more fuel-efficient and less time-consuming runs by way of avoiding PrePass inspection facilities.

“HELP Inc. and its innovative PrePass services are an outstanding example of the value created by effective public-private partnerships,” said Chris Spear, ATA President and CEO. “This sort of strategic collaboration strengthens our industry by improving safety, reducing emissions and preserving infrastructure.”

At this time, the PrePass pre-screening system from HELP has been implemented in over 32 states with more than 300 sites in the country. The PrePass system allows for a driver’s essential driving and safety documents to be screened before one gets on the road.

In being listed as a ATA Featured Product, HELP Inc.s’ PrePass joins several other fleet solution products tailored to drivers such as telematics systems and onboard technology that allows for easier and more efficient commercial driving.