Natural Gas Levels High, More Opportunities For Transport May Be On Horizon

by Jake Tully - Published: 4/21/2017

Natural gas levels are at an all-time high, according to the Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report conducted U.S. Energy Information Administration.

The EIA estimates gas storage at the end of March to have reached 2,051 billion cubic feet, making the current level above the five year average for natural gas levels during this time of year.

For the trucking industry as well as other commercial industries, this relative surplus of natural gas will not see a significant drop due to its current levels, as gas consumption levels are expected to remain the same.

Many in the transportation sector look to these potential exports as more opportunities for specialized freight and commodities for drivers, and potential intermodal opportunities.

This news comes in at a time where both Tesla and Toyota recently debut new plans for alternative energy and clean-energy semi-truck fleets.

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Though the U.S. EIA has issued no statement in regards to the levels fuel consumption by trucks, the energy research organization has noted the United State’s projected plans and positioning to export more natural gas in 2018.

A report on April 20 by the EIA showed that natural gas generators comprise the largest share of overall electric generating capacity in the United States, with 42% of the total capacity.

Coal and Nuclear are also top suppliers of electric generators for the country, with solar and “other” resources taking the bottom two positions in the EIA study.

Through the price in gas both in natural and liquefied states have seen an increase in price to both consumers and businesses, The United States has nonetheless become a top exporter of gas globally.

The increase in natural gas reserves falls in line with the liquefied natural gas exports, as the United States aligns itself to become a net exporter of natural gas in the next year.