The Bob & Linda Caffee Stopping Center

by Jana Ritter - Published: 6/04/2014

The Bob & Linda Caffee Stopping Center, is a truck stop at 6595 N. Hollywood Blvd., just off Interstate 15 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway exit, has just been named after a husband and wife driving team recognized for their citizenship and safe driving. This marks the latest TravelCenters/Petro Stopping Center to honor the 2014 Citizen Driver Award recipients.

Trucking couple

The Missouri-based couple, Bob and Linda Caffee chose this particular location even despite there being one much closer to their home where often they fuel up before trips.

“We chose it because it’s our favorite stopping place in the United States,” said Linda Caffee. “When you walk into a business, you can tell if people like their jobs, and they do. We like the sound of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and watching the planes flying out of Nellis Air Force Base.” In fact they like their stopping center so much that they have even spent several holidays there. “Last year we were there for Thanksgiving with several of our driver friends,” Linda Caffee said.

In May 2013, TravelCenters of America launched its Citizen Driver Award program to recognize professional drivers who have gained public respect for the truck driving profession through good citizenship, safety, community involvement, health and wellness and leadership. They announced that they were looking for exemplary drivers to reward and honor by naming a TA Stopping Center or a Petro Stopping Center of their choice. Only seven stopping centers were renamed/

 Tom Liutkus, Vice President for TravelCenters of America, praised the Caffee’s many accomplishments, including winning multiple awards for their volunteer work for driver-related charities, writing a blog for a drivers organization and doing public speaking events. “They’re both members of Trucker Buddy International, a pen pal program that connects drivers to schools and offers the kids real-world applications of what they’re learning in school,” Liutkus said.

The Caffees have been driving together for 14 years and as co-drivers for 10 years. They hit the road after their children left for college because they didn’t like the empty nest Now, the husband and wife team drive for FedEx, which has them traveling to Canada and to almost every state. “Bob was a diesel mechanic, so he’s always been around trucks,” Linda Caffee said. “He felt it was time to get out from underneath one and start driving it.”

With their youngest daughter now a captain in the U.S. Air Force and stationed for three years at Nellis Air Force Base, the Caffee’s have spent a lot of time in the area making deliveries and family visits. “We only visited the Strip to see a few shows,” Linda Caffee said. “We did a lot of hiking, we watched the bridge near Hoover Dam being built…I don’t think people realize how much there is to do around Las Vegas. We love it.”