Big Rig Miracle Goes Viral

by Jana Ritter - Published: 5/15/2014

 A video clip of a truck that made a miraculous recovery after it was caught in the Kansas prairie winds, has become a top trending news item in social media. A Kansas City trucking company says the near-accident happened just south of Hays two weeks ago and if anything had been different, and if the driver, Guy Tapscott of Alabama, had been any less of an expert, the load would have wound up scattered all over the field, possibly him as well.

Truck flip

But Richard Noeller who runs and teaches at the Kansas Truck Driving School says that in his opinion it was 70 percent divine intervention and 30 percent skill, He says the clues to how the driver, Guy Tapscott of Alabama, righted his truck are all there in the video.

"I really thought it was going to go on over when I first seen it," said Noeller. "And then I seen the steering axle and I was kind of critiquing it." He refers to the a point of the video where he sees the steering axle's already started it's maneuver. Noeller also says local conditions helped a lot, the western Kansas sand grabbing the truck's tires and increasing the turn radius of the tractor into a jack knifed position. "And as that tractor pivots around the centrifugal force is going to toss the trailer back," said Noeller.

Noeller conceded that one little difference in speed, wind strength, the width of the paved shoulder or any other number of factors (including the driver himself) and that truck would've ended up on its side. "He definitely had some skill. I'm not taking anything away from the driver. He had skill."

Even the most experienced drivers are wowed by what the person behind the wheel this truck was able to do. "Oh, my goodness!" longtime trucker Ivan Nance says while watching the dramatic video. In wind believed to be blowing 60-plus miles an hour, the driver of a semi is somehow able to bring his truck back from the brink of disaster.

Nance says he was in a situation like that once, and was blown over. He says keeping the truck from crashing on its side was a real feat.

"Honestly, I don't know, but I just thank God the guy was able to save the truck and bring it back," Nance adds. "I cannot tell you how that trailer, laying that far to the right, was able to come back."

The video is said to be shot along a Western Kansas highway and has been driving up views, going viral on Youtube.