Ohio Company Offers On-line Solution for On the Road Safety

by Jana Ritter - Published: 5/08/2014

With more than 390,000 truck accidents in the US each year, an Ohio-based company called has launched the nation's first subscription-based driver safety training program to lower the risks on the road.

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Most companies with delivery trucks cannot afford to provide their truck drivers on-going safety training, or often no training at all, so is hoping to solve that problem with safety sheets or small safety posters for professional drivers. Each month, the sheets will focus on specific topics such as backing safety, railroad crossings, safety gear and avoiding rear-end collisions. Subscriptions for two, four or eight sheets per month keep these concepts in front of the drivers. founder, Brian Diehl explains that it offers an affordable way for companies to keep safety on the minds of employees behind the wheel. "Our safety sheets can also pay for themselves. Beyond their ability to help decrease accidents, many insurance companies offer discounts to clients with driver safety programs. We offer a foundation to a qualifying program”, he said.

He also adds that safety sheets can help to retain drivers and improve company morale with monthly contests, giveaways and interesting trivia. "Our goal is to create a product that sticks with the drivers and helps them realize their company cares about their safety," Diehl said.

Diehl has already worked with leading industry companies to provide truck driver safety training, developing more than 1,000 safety sheets for the waste management industry. These clients have not only reported fewer accidents, the safety programs have also worked in lowering insurance premiums as well. has also partnered with another company that provides safety videos, driver retention programs and many additional helpful strategies.

As many companies don’t focus on driver safety beyond occasional safety posters, that contain too many words and rarely catch the attention of their intended audience offers professionally designed imagery and short, easy-to-remember messages that keep safety in every driver’s mind.

With programs starting at $50 per month, provides any company an affordable foundation to their new or existing safety program. Subscribers can also add Spanish or French translations or their own company logo as well. Posters are delivered electronically, allowing companies to either print or email their monthly safety blasts.

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