How to Get Your Home Cooked Holiday Meal

by Jana Ritter - Published: 12/24/2013

Anyone in need of a meal this week, or anyone interested in providing one should go to the Meals for 18 Wheels Facebook page, because the group is in going on high-gear to make sure truck drivers on the road get a hot holiday meal!

Christmas truck

The Meals for 18 Wheels organization was only recently launched the day before Thanksgiving by two wives of truck drivers, but within 24 hours notice, they were able to provide meals to 31 drivers. Now their Facebook page now has more than 5,800 “Likes” and more than 3,000 people talking about it. The founders, Kari Fischer and Crystal Schoonmaker, now have 450 volunteers in 48 states and Canada. “It keeps growing,” Schoonmaker said of the Internet effort. “A lot of people don’t realize how much these drivers sacrifice. Sometimes they are out in the middle of nowhere.”

Schoonmaker says she has no idea how many drivers will be fed between Dec. 23 and 27, but within one day alone, 150 drivers responded to their Facebook invitation. Today their Facebook message is specifically for drivers in need:

Tuesday 12-24-13
Please only Drivers, comment on the location that you plan to stop at. We will then try our best to locate someone in your area. Volunteers please only comment on this post if a driver has posted in your area.
Remember we still have 3 more days of sharing.

Truck drivers and volunteers can communicate directly with Meal for 18 Wheels at