Truck Driver Shot at Ohio Truck Stop

by Jana Ritter - Published: 12/10/2013

Tragedy struck at the newly opened Love’s Travel Stop, when a security guard shot and fatally wounded a truck driver on Sunday night. Police said there was no indication that 48-year old Goran Sojic, an owner-operator contracted with Universal Trucking, was armed when he was shot by Joshua Karp, an employee of Arrow Security located in New York.


While some who witnessed the event said that Sojic charged at the guard and was acting erratic, a professional truck driver who was also there explained to The Trucker that Sojic was of foreign descent and was having trouble communicating with the security guard. When police responded to a call about the incident about 7:30 p.m. Sunday, Sojic had been shot in the chest and arm. He was taken to Miami Valley Hospital, but died as a result of the shooting. "We don't know yet what precipitated this incident," Lt. Wendy Stiver of the Dayton Police Department told the Dayton Daily News. "We don't know why this man was behaving that way."

Loves Travel Stops released a statement Monday extending condolences to the victims' friends and family. “We are deeply saddened by an incident that occurred at our new location in Dayton, Ohio, yesterday involving a Love's customer and a private, third-party security guard," the statement reads. "Our hearts and prayers go out to the family and friends of our customer. Love's is working closely with law enforcement to investigate the situation and we thank all of our loyal customers for the outpouring of support."

Sojic lived in Naperville, Ill. according to the Montgomery County Coroner's office. He had parked his truck at Love’s Sunday night. According to witnesses, including a customer and an employee inside the store, Sojic had been asked to leave the travel center prior to the shooting. At some point he came back inside and began walking toward the counter of the truck stop store, almost appearing as if he was attempting to go behind the counter, according to Dayton police, who said the guard felt threatened and shot at Sojic.

Stiver said the level of security at Love’s would have been suggested for any 24-hour business, regardless of location. The area near the truck stop is known to police as a high drug and crime area with dozens of drug arrests taking place in the parking lots of a BP gas station, Wendy's and McDonald's nearby in the past five years, according to police reports.

Homicide detectives interviewed Karp at the scene, but he was not taken into custody. Charges from the shooting will not be filed until a full investigation is completed.