New Apps Boost Truck Driving Efficiency

by Jana Ritter - Published: 7/31/2013

Today's truck drivers are certainly benefiting from new technology, but the abundance of traffic, travel and freight related apps now available make it confusing to decipher which ones are actually worthwhile. But when Wright Media LLC, (which claims to be the trucking industry's largest producer of mobile apps), backs a new product its worth it for truck drivers to at least check out.

Cell phones

FuelDawg is a recent app giving truck drivers instant access to diesel prices at over 6000 truck stops – which allows more opportunity to save money by purchasing fuel at a lower cost. Drivers can access those locations via the Web site or mobile and they can also find out which truck stops have available parking. All info is updated in real time by other truck drivers using Fuel DAWG and even better, this phone app is absolutely free.

Truck stop can even be rated by drivers in regards to the quality of service, food, cleanliness and amenities offered. The app can also be used to update Facebook statuses, which helps build a stronger community of drivers that are sharing information about truck stops and any other road worthy topic of discussion.

Kenny Wright, CEO and publisher of Wright Media points out the advantages, saying: “The app is designed to save owner operators and trucking companies money by being able to locate the best diesel prices closest to the driver using the driver’s GPS information. If drivers can save an average of 19 cents just by filling up from one gas station over another, they are easily looking at $1,300-1,400 of savings each month. “

“We have several other features up our sleeve that will be added in the future as part of our continual effort to grow the product as we get feedback from drivers. We here at Wright Media are always looking at what’s ahead and focusing on innovative products that the trucking industry needs,” Wright adds., a leading internet load board for the transportation industry, has also launched their newest app – load planning technology to help professional truck drivers save time and maximize their profits by effectively planning ahead by taking into consideration driving time, deadhead mileage, fuel and toll costs. Load Planner reduces the time required to locate a sequence of the highest potential paying loads to plan a trip/

Loarn Metzen, VP of is excited about this new app. “In keeping with our commitment to simplifying life for the owner operator, our Load Planner tool gives professional truck drivers the ability to plan ahead multiple loads over a selected period of time, given an origin and an optional final destination. The end result is exactly what professional truck drivers exactly what they‘re looking for – increased profitability and more time spent with their families,” he adds.