When Trucks and Trains Collide...

by Jana Ritter - Published: 5/28/2013

Less than a week after the train/truck collision that occurred in Cook County, a CSX freight train collided with a tractor-trailer and derailed in the Baltimore area on Tuesday. While the investigation is currently underway, officials say that the accident left the truck's driver seriously injured and caused an explosion that could be felt blocks away.

Train crash

The crash happened in Rosedale, just to the east of Baltimore, Baltimore County firefighter Jonathan Meehan said. The truck driver was taken to a hospital, said Baltimore County police and fire spokeswoman Elise Armacost. Video from WBAL News showed at least five of the train's cars off the track, and white and black smoke rising in separate columns from the wreckage.

Kevin Lindemann said he was working in a Baltimore Windustrial plumbing supply warehouse along the track a few blocks from the nearest train-road intersection. He felt something "like an earthquake”. ┬áHe immediately went to the nearest window to see what had just occurred. "The first thing you see is two or three train cars flipped over the side, sliding down the track," said Lindemann. Seeing one of the train's cars on fire, Lindemann and the other people in the warehouse left the building and drove away. The explosion happened after he and the others congregated a few blocks away, he said. "I couldn't see (the explosion) directly, but it was deafening. "It almost forced you to your knees. There were a couple people that were knocked down by it," said Lindemann, a sales representative at the warehouse.

According to Baltimore County Police, the explosion resulted in a hazardous-materials situation, prompting the evacuation of a half-mile area. They also confirmed that there is no community evacuation at this time.

Meanwhile, the Barrington Police and the Cook County Sheriff's office continue investigating a crash between a semi-truck and a freight train on Thursday night that resulted in a four-car pile up, injuring one person. A preliminary investigation showed a semi-trailer traveling westbound on Route 14 did not clear the Canadian National crossing, causing the southbound freight train to crash into it. The crash caused a chain reaction involving four other vehicles.

Barrington Police officials say the truck's front end was already across the tracks when the train crashed into the trailer around 6:30 p.m. The trailer then spun out, blocking the road completely. The driver of the truck was seen walking around after the accident, but a driver involved in the four-car pile-up was transported to a local hospital. While the extent of that person's injuries are still unknown, the accident caused four lanes of traffic to close down.

Police say that it appears the crossing gates were working properly and they're expecting to issue tickets to the semi-truck driver, pending further investigation.