Compliance Safety Systems Integrates with FormFox

by Jana Ritter - Published: 5/24/2013

Compliance Safety Systems (CSS), the nation's leader in DOT compliance and safety technology, has announced its timely integration with FormFox, a revolutionary new system that simplifies the collection and physical exam process. CSS is known as a leader in DOT compliance within the trucking industry due to its robust software system and customer service. The integration of the CSS software with FormFox now eliminates costly errors in the drug/alcohol and physical exam process, speeding up the turnaround time for their customer. This combination enables CSS customers to get a driver on the road faster in a far more efficient way.

Alcohol testing

The new CSS/FormFox platform will allow for an employer to submit a specific test request to their clinic where the employer will then be able to track the completion of that service with real time status updates, leveraging electronic signatures from both the donor and the examiner. By using the CSS/FormFox platform, the employer will ultimately eliminate the need for faxing or phone calls between the clinic or CSS due to the platform's design around a paperless environment.

With the clinic service centers using this platform, CSS customers receive real time updates on the drivers/donor status including arrival times, and donor issues that may arise, as well as real time completion of the tests that were performed. Every document is communicated electronically back into the CSS system absolutely clear and crisp, so all images fully legible instead of scarred and messy from faxes or scanned over copies and Form Fox governs the collectors and examiners to verify the drivers/donors testing stats.

 Perhaps most important for trucking employers, is that alcohol test results will automatically update the MIS report in the CSS system (management information system), as required by FMCSA, so the motor carriers do not have to rely on writing in the test result count annually, Form Fox will also allow for the clinics or point of care service providers to comply with the new FMCSA mandates when being required to report ALL physical exams regardless of the results at the close of each business day, thus alerting the CSS customers that the FMCSA is in receipt of the drivers physical exam.

Compliance Safety Systems founder David Saunders says, “This strategic integration allows us to deliver the solution that our customers and industry have needed, completing the entire communication loop within the CSS system, surrounding the Drivers dispatch and hiring status, bringing additional tools to the Trucking industry. This rollout is the first of many to come because we are committed to investing into the solutions of tomorrow right now!”

“Above all, we want our customers to have the full confidence that they will be able to meet the rising demands of CSA and Map 21 with efficiency and ease, knowing the score isn’t enough when facing driver compliance issues,” he said.