The current economic climate has coupled diminishing job availability

by Jana Ritter - Published: 10/11/2012

The American dream is saturated with concepts of freedom, individuality, and entrepreneurialism. Owner operater truck drivers have successfully manifested these concepts into their unique and innovative working style. Being an owner operator has many benefits, the most appealing of which is, the freedom to be your own boss and enjoying all of the benefits of the business. This segment of truck drivers take pride in owning their truck and are empowered in making their own business decisions. As the age old adage suggest, with more empowerment comes a greater degree of responsibility. Finding jobs through companies seeking owner operators, creating efficient and profit-maximizing job schedules, and maintaining every aspect in regards to their truck are only a few extra responsibilities assumed by owner operators. Despite this extra amount of drudgery, owner operators see it as a fair trade off in perusing entrepreneurialism and living their distinctive dream. With this greater commitment and effort comes greater financial rewards and serves to satisfy the individuals need for accomplishment. However, in contemporary times, the future of owner operators doing business is beginning to change.

Owner operator jobs simply put are a manager, salesman, accountant and driver all rolled into one person. To be successful in the profession one must have self-discipline, determination, and drive. One of the most alluring aspects of self-employment is the idea that your hard work isn't serving to make money for someone else. Other advantages that stand out include, but aren't limited to, scheduling your loads however you like and developing your client base around the types of work you like to do. For instance, if you really like hauling food, then you can specialize in this subdivision of the industry and carry nothing else. If you encounter customers you can't tolerate, you can simply choose not to work with them.

Even though for many the advantages of being an owner operator outweigh the disadvantages, we must explore these drawbacks. In reality, being an owner operator involves more work than working for someone else. This is primarily due to the fact that owner operators take on all managerial rolls in addition to driving their trucks. Therefore, they must find their own work, actively seek out freight companies letting them know they are available, build meaningful relationships, and find ways to stay in business when times get tough. Owner operators also face a greater degree of financial responsibility. Initially, they must purchase or lease equipment, as well as maintain this equipment. They must also pay for health insurance, set money aside for taxes, and manage other liabilities as well.

The current economic climate has coupled diminishing job availability with the worst recessions since the Great Depression. This has compounded the complexities of conducting business as an owner operated truck driver. As with any recession, competition intensifies creating a hectic job market leaving many uncertain about the future. This recession has provided a threat to the relatively stable flow of trucking jobs. Since 2006 there has been a mild shortage of truck drivers mainly because of aging truckers who have retired. This might seem like great news, and is for the time being. However, with the high unemployment rate in the general population and the declining economy, not only are retirees returning to work, but the amount of new entrants to the industry are on the upswing. People looking for work are becoming more and more attracted to this lucrative and seemingly stable sector of the job market. To provide for uncertain future economic conditions and job availability, owner operators must be more proactive than ever. Owner operators can find valuable assistance in effectively competing in today's market by logging on to, where they will find simple and easy to use tools designed to maximize their potential and competitiveness today and in the future. Being proactive and acquainting yourself with the tools available on this website is an investment in yourself, and your business. It is also wise to start building meaningful, long term relationships with employers. Start acquainting yourself with Trucking Unlimited today, and gain an edge on your competitors.