Record-breaking Numbers of Superior Truck Driving Jobs in California

by Jana Ritter - Published: 10/10/2012

Trucking Unlimited, a nationwide trucking recruitment and placement company, announces record-breaking numbers of superior truck driving jobs in California.

California has seen a recent surge in trucking opportunities, including local, dedicated, regional, OTR and statewide positions. Skilled, quality truckers are in high demand in this state, with companies desperate to fill positions.

"We have many positions to fill, and we are eager to find the right drivers to fill them," said Amber A, human resources specialist at CR England. "We know that our drivers can make, or break, or company. That's why we want to find the best drivers, and then take good care of them and their families while they're on the road."


With the assistance of Trucking Unlimited, many reputable trucking companies are being matched with experienced truck drivers who are looking for good pay, good benefits, and family-friendly driver schedules. Drivers who sign up with Trucking Unlimited can expect to be matched with some of California's top driving companies with the best overall driver incentives.

Some of these companies include (but are not limited to):

All of these companies have met Trucking Unlimited stringent company criteria, meeting or exceeding expectations in the following areas:


California has one of the highest populations in the United States, and one of the highest number of trucking companies as well. This state is known for hiring drivers, both experienced and inexperienced, for a wide range of driving positions. Likewise, it is a super place to start a truck driving career.

"I'm new to the trucking industry," said George S. of Tulsa, Oklahoma. "I went to truck driving school and got my CDL, but it has been hard to find a position. But when I looked in California, I found a number of companies who were willing to give me OTR experience, and that means a lot!"

Drivers who travel the California highways enjoy panoramic coastal views, diverse geography, deserts, forests, and mountainous regions. The highways are well maintained, the climate is temperate, and the view is spectacular. Unlike other states, where inclement weather creates sudden hazardous driving conditions, California boasts predictable weather patterns. These factors make the California driving experience rather enjoyable.

Likewise, with the recent increase in driver take-home pay, California truck drivers are seeing a major increase in their paychecks. Drivers young and old, newbie and experienced are looking to California for better pay, better positions, and better incentives for themselves and their families.

When asked what this latest surge in the number of truck driving jobs in California means to him, Kenneth D., a Sacramento native and long-time OTR driver said, "I've been looking for something closer to home, with more home time, for quite a few years now. I'm glad to hear that more positions are open, and I plan to apply as soon as possible."


Unlike other trucking recruitment companies, Trucking Unlimited doesn't waste time, money, or effort on worthless companies or "possible" jobs. Instead, they focus exclusively on industry-proven corporations, who have a reputation for excellence in the field, good pay, great benefits, and overall driver satisfaction. The company updates its job listings several times per day, ensuring that every trucking job opportunity is fresh, accurate, and reliable.

In addition to helping skilled drivers find truck driving jobs in California, Trucking Unlimited also hosts a nationwide database, making it easier to locate a great trucking position in any state.