Military Commercial Driver's License Act of 2012 To Simplify and Ease the Transition of...

by Jana Ritter - Published: 10/09/2012 is happy to report that congress passed the Military Commercial Driver's License Act of 2012. If this is approved by the president, this bill will serve to simplify and ease the transition of recent veterans into civilian commercial truck drivers. Bill Graves, the CEO and President of the American Trucking Associations, stated “As the economy continues to recover, it is becoming ever more challenging for trucking companies to find qualified drivers to move America's most essential goods,” This is good news for veterans with experience driving trucks in the military. This segment of truck drivers is highly sought after by commercial truck driving companies.

Transitioning into civilian life after military service can present a cornucopia of challenges, which is why we are grateful to congress for quickly passing this piece of legislation. We believe this depicts a beneficial outlook on the commercial driving industry, which can translate into an increase in the demand for truck drivers in the near and distant future. One implementation of this act is that it allows individuals to attain a CDL where they are stationed rather than their home state. This not only provides great job opportunities, but makes it easier for our military personnel to transition into civilian life.

We want to do our part as well, by providing a valuable service, a gateway that is fast and simple to use. At we take pride in providing a simple and effective way for veterans to find jobs with our major partners and truck driving companies desperate for qualified drivers. By simply logging on to a qualified driver can find companies that are hiring, job listings, company reviews, and classifieds. In addition to this, there is a parts/service section, talk about convenience and ease in finding everything a driver would need in one place.