Old Dominion Freight Line Celebrates Growth With Open House At Service Centers

by Jake Tully - Published: 3/12/2019

In an effort to continue the company’s growth in early 2019, Old Dominion Freight Line will reportedly celebrate open houses at service centers during the first part of the year.

With new, remodeled and relocated centers across the country, Old Dominion Freight Line will celebrate with facilities located in Mobile, Alabama, Houston, Texas, Anaheim, Calif, Texarkana, Ark, San Diego, Calif, and Pompano Beach, Fla.

“Our 2018 results confirm that strategically opening new and renovating existing service centers to accommodate customer demand is helping to grow our business,” said Terry Hutchins, Vice President of Real Estate. “We will continue that strategy of searching for new sites to increase capacity and grow our network to continue to deliver premium service that exceeds customers’ expectations.”

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According to Old Dominion Freight Line, the strategic placement of its service centers allows the company to provide delivery flexibility as well as reduced shipping time.

“We search for locations in growing markets where we have access to quality workers to expand our network capacity,” said Hutchins. “Expanding our network allows us to immediately accommodate customer needs, and is critical to maintaining our award-winning low claims ratio and guaranteed on-time delivery.”

Sources at Old Dominion Freight Line report that company growth in terms of its facilities was also visible in last year’s facility expansion in Hagerstown, Maryland, a location that helps service several East coast cities.

More information about Old Dominion may be found at the company’s site.