California Labor Commissioner Publishes List of Port Trucking Companies With Labor Violations, Othe

by Jake Tully - Published: 1/02/2019

Earlier today, the California Labor Commission reported the posting of a list of port trucking companies that have unsatisfied final court judgements, tax liens or other tax-related assessments.

According to sources at the California Labor Commission, companies listed on the report have engaged in wage theft against their employees, including refusal to pay driver wages, overtime, insurance, or have misclassified company employees as independent contractors in order to increase profit margins.

"Companies are on notice that if they contract with a known wage thief, they will be held responsible for the exploitation of the drivers who carry their goods," said Julie A. Su, California Labor Commissioner. "This new law incentivizes trucking companies to pay up on judgments and put earned wages into drivers' pockets."

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The Commission also reports that retailers and businesses that hire companies placed on this list are jointly and severally liable for future labor and employment law violations committed by the listed companies.

According to Commission sources, the Labor Commissioner’s Office gave a minimum of 15 business days advance notice to the port trucking companies listed before such list was posted.

The list will reportedly be updated at least once a month, and companies may be removed from the list 15 days after receiving confirmation of payment of an approved settlement agreement or confirmation of payment of monies owed.

For more information and ways in which to view the list, interested parties may visit the The California Labor Commissioner online.