ABF Freight Sees 4 Drivers As Finalists in ATA Road Team Pool

by Jake Tully - Published: 10/17/2018

In the wake of the recent news from the ATA’s finalists for the 2019-2020 America’s Road Team, ABF Freight announced that four drivers from across the country have qualified as finalists for the program.

Sources at ABF Freight report
that Sammy Brewster, Brian Petrovcic, Scott Davis and Todd Wilemon are four of the 34 finalists for the America’s Road Team selection for next year.

“These four drivers have put safety at the forefront over the course of their careers,” said Tim Thorne ABF Freight President. “At ABF Freight, we are honored that Sammy, Scott, Brian and Todd are representing us as finalists for America’s Road Team. I congratulate each of them for this recognition.”

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ABF Freight reports that the finalists selected have anywhere from 28 to 43 years of driving experience, and all drivers have experience either serving on America’s Road Team or finding a slot as a finalist for a previous year of selection.

Drivers from ABF hail from Georgia, Missouri, Ohio, and Mississippi and will be judged on January 30 in Washington, D.C. as the 2019-2020 Road Team is finalized.

“ATA believes the men and women who work safely day after day to deliver our goods — truck drivers — are the best representatives of the trucking industry and we are inspired by the finalists for the upcoming class of America’s Road Team,” said Chris Spear, ATA President and CEO. “Throughout the evaluation process, we read and heard stories from truck drivers about pride, courage and selflessness — the kinds of stories we are excited to share with the public, media and elected officials."

More information on the Road Team finalists from ABF Freight may be found at the company’s site.