Renewable Natural Gas To Be Offered at SoCal Gas Fueling Stations for First Time

by Jake Tully - Published: 9/18/2018

Earlier today, Southern California Gas Company announced that for the first time. it will begin utilizing renewable natural gas at 25-utility owned natural gas stations across the company’s service territory.

Following a approval from the California Public Utilities Commission to purchase renewable fuel and capture any additional environmental credits generated, SoCal Gas expects to complete agreements for gas purchases in the near future.

“Using renewable natural gas at our natural gas fueling stations will help clean the air for Southern California communities and support the state's clean energy future," said Sharon Tomkins, SoCalGas' vice president of customer solutions and strategy. "SoCalGas will continue to work to increase the use and production of renewable natural gas, meeting consumer preferences and helping to achieve state's climate and air quality goals while efficiently using existing infrastructure."

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SoCal Gas reports that because renewable natural gas may be stored and delivered through the existing infrastructure for natural gas, the company can help the state reduce emissions from greenhouse gases and meet statewide goals for air quality and renewable energy in a way that is cost-effective.

As California provides funding for incentives to aid trucking fleets transition to renewable natural gas, the company hopes more businesses operating in the transportation sector will use their renewable gas stations.

Renewable natural gas is an immediate solution,” aid Anabella Bastida, executive director of the Council of Mexican Federations in North America (COFEM.) “We hope that the increased availability of this renewable fuel will encourage more trucking fleets to switch to natural gas to create a cleaner air for our families in California."

More information on the forthcoming renewable gas centers and SoCal Gas’ renewable energy efforts, interested parties may visit the company’s site.