Crowley Logistics Providing Relief To NorCal Fire Fighters

by Jake Tully - Published: 8/14/2018

Earlier this week, Crowley Logistics, a Jacksonville, Florida-based holding of Crowley Maritime Corporation announced that the company has supplied equipment and logistics support to first responders fighting wildfires in Northern California.

According to sources at Crowley, the company began to execute a $2.3 billion Defense Freight Transportation Services contract in which Crowley Logistics would move cargo to major depots in the United States.

Under the contract, Crowley reports that it has delivered supplies to those fighting fires via truck, hauling cargo such as boots, hoses, food and other items critical to the response effort.

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“Our purpose statement as a company is ‘enriching lives through innovative solutions done right’. We understand how crucial it is to the first responders, that they have the equipment and supplies they need daily to battle these fires,” said Frank Larkin, senior vice president and general manager, logistics and commercial services at Crowley. “Our local team is working tirelessly with our regional trucking partners to ensure that these critical shipments are top priority and are moved with the greatest velocity possible in keeping with our purpose.”

At the time of reports, the company says that the Crowley Logistics team has completed close to 100 full trailer-load deliveries since May and expects 180 full trailer loads to be transported by September’s end.

Crowley reports that supporting those fighting fires in Northern California is one of several disaster-based efforts that the company has supported over the years, including last year’s hurricane response efforts in Puerto Rico, Florida and the Caribbean.

We’re living it, and we can smell the fire every day,” said Crowley’s Anthony Marinaro, field service manager. “We understand the importance of every load. Every shipment we get out could essentially save someone’s life.”

More information on Crowley may be found at the company’s site.