Kottke Trucking Announces Second Driver Pay Increase In Past Six Months

by Jake Tully - Published: 8/09/2018

Minnesota-based trucking company Kottke Trucking announced earlier today that the company has introduced the second pay increase in the past six months for both team and solo company drivers.

Effective August 18 of this year, Kottke reports that all existing drivers as well as new drivers will enjoy the latest pay raise, with single drivers having the ability to earn up to $0.61 per mile and team drivers earning up to $0.37 per mile with performance bonuses.

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Kyle Kottke, General Manager and co-owner at Kottke Trucking reports that focusing on success and importance of drivers is a key factor in overall company success.

“We are proud to be able to continue to focus on the importance of drivers in our ongoing success and make sure that the gains we are realizing in the marketplace are shared equally,” said Kottke. “We have one of the best and safest fleets in the trucking industry and we are honored to work with our drivers every single day.”

Kottke Trucking reports that in addition to the new pay raise, the company provides drivers with 100% employee health coverage as well as a full benefits package.

Interested parties may find more information on Kottke at the company’s site.