Frost & Sullivan to Host Webinar On Global Trucking Technology

by Jake Tully - Published: 7/06/2018

London- based business consultation firm Frost& Sullivan reported earlier this week that the company will host a live Growth Innovation Leadership briefing for the trucking industry on Tuesday, July 10th EST at

Hosted by Program Manager at On-Highway Commercial Vehicle Research, Frost & Sullivan’s Mobility Practice, Bharani Lakshminarasimhan as well as President of Chanje Energy Inc, Ian Gardner, the webinar, entitled New Growth Opportunities and Innovation Driving the Global Trucking Industry, will be a complimentary web service for trucking industry professionals.

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"The growing regulatory and societal push for zero emission, zero accident vehicles is encouraging global truck and bus OEMs' investments in electric and autonomous vehicle technologies," said Lakshminarasimhan. "Sensing these opportunities, a host of start-ups and technology companies are intensifying R&D in these game-changing domains. In the process, they are disrupting long-established value chains and building brand new revenue streams."

According to sources behind the webinar, advances in AI Technology, driver shortages in key markets among other factors are helping to stimulate the acceptance of autonomous technologies into the trucking industry across the globe.

Sources also report that the webinar will cover topics related to electric-powered technology within the industry, through such technology faces several obstacles moving forward.

In order to register for the webinar on July 10th, interested parties may visit the webinar pre-regristration page at BrightTalk’s site.