Union drivers For To Strike, Reports Local 174

by Jake Tully - Published: 6/04/2018

Earlier this week, Teamsters who drive grocery home delivery for in Tukwila, Washington reportedly participated in the group’s first strike authorization vote.

Comprised of nearly 90 drivers, the group has reportedly been in negotiations since late last year for a first contract, deciding to strike due to slow progress and unwillingness from management to agree on proposals, reports Teamsters Local 174.

Officials at Teamsters Local 174 report that several issues ultimately led to a strike authorization including showing favoritism for certain employees as well as complaints of management withholding work from drivers on the basis of certain personality qualifications including a worker’s “attitude.”
"I've been diagnosed with a 'bad attitude' since the third grade," said Local 174 Director of Negotiations, Patty Warren. "We're not going to agree to let them pick and choose who gets to work based on who they like the most. That runs contrary to everything we do as a union."

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With a vote passed in reported overwhelming favor, sources at Local 174 say that drivers for have made a decision in which employees may take on their company in order to secure a fair contract.

"As usual, our hope is that a strike is not necessary to get to a contract for these drivers," said Local 174 Secretary-Treasurer, Rick Hicks. "However, the group has spoken clearly and in one voice: management needs to start listening when we tell them that if they won't respect seniority, they are going to have a problem."

Sources at Local 174 report that nearly 150 Safeway truckers are represented at the company’s distribution center in Auburn, with a strike potentially halting delivery of groceries to Safeway stores throughout the state due to drivers honoring the picket line.