Roadrunner Companies To Integrate for Active-On Demand

by Jake Tully - Published: 5/16/2018

Illinois-based transportation company Roadrunner Transportation Systems announced earlier today the company integration and unification of Active Aero Group, ground and air transportation operations of USA Jet and Rich Logistics under the name Active On-Demand

According to Roadrunner, though the three unities will continue to exist, they will integrated under one management team powered by Rich Logistics and USA Jet.

Michael Gettle, President of Roadrunner reports that this company integration will aid in providing customers with better coverage of services in totality.

"We are proud to announce further progress on our continuing strategy of more fully integrating successful companies into larger business platforms," said Gettle. "Between Active On-Demand, USA Jet and Rich Logistics we have an extremely successful team that delivers reliability, dependability and precision. By combining the power of these teams, we will be able to better serve the nation's largest supply chain operations with multi-modal mission critical transportation support."

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Company sources report that Active On-Demand will continue to provide customers with a more expanded and powerful logistics network for coverage across the United States and Mexico.

President at Active Aero Group, Tom Steinglen will expand responsibilities for leadership alongside Shannon Everett, Chief Operations Officer at Rich Logistics.

"Both Active On-Demand and Rich Logistics are extremely well respected in the world of mission critical freight transportation. We have optimized processes and empowered the best people to ensure velocity and precision that keep lean supply chains functioning efficiently," said Stenglein. "One of the things we are most excited about is the power of our combined technologies. The integration of our technology platforms will not only benefit our customers but also our team members and drivers by improving efficiency and ensuring industry leading on-time performance."

Roadrunner reports that Active On-Demand will specialize in five key areas of expertise including international freight, air charer, scheduled truckload, ground expedite and hand carry.

According to Roadrunner, a substantial amount of enhancements related to technology have been deployed in order to help the new integration of Active On-Demand work seamlessly and provide greater insight for customers.

Interested parties may visit Roadrunner’s site for more information.