Tarps Now Launches New Online Customizable Tarp Designer For Trucking Industry

by Jake Tully - Published: 5/10/2018

Earlier today, Tarps Now, a United States-based trucking product company specializing in tarps reports that its release of Web 2.0 product design has allowed customers to design tarps and covers in order to satisfy their product needs.

The Custom Size Tarp Builder tool at can reportedly help consumers design tarps for use in commercial trucking, military use, as well as other federal and governmental uses including disaster recovery relief to meet a wide array of customer needs.

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Tarps Now also reports that accompanying the Custom Size Tarp Builder is the release of additional online software aimed at providing ease in online ordering from the company, specifically designed for oddly shaped or oddly configured tarps that customers may order.

According to the company, new online tools aiding consumers are custom vinyl tarp cover builder tool, a custom industrial curtain builder and the custom vinyl box cover builder.

The company reports that a large range of stock product and accessories associated with further customization will be offered to customers as well.

Interested parties may contact to order custom tarps and to find out more about product offerings.