FourKites to use JDA Integration to Enable Predictive Capacity Management

by Jake Tully - Published: 5/09/2018

FourKites, a United-States based supply chain visibility and predictive analytics company announced earlier today that it has integrated FourKites Predictive Capacity Management with JDA Transportation Management.

Unveiled last week, FourKites PCM is the first commercialized platform for automatically matching shipments that require transport with available capacity on nearby tractors in North America.

“This integration is the latest step in our partnership with FourKites, in enabling real-time asset visibility via FourKites’ technology and its massive shipper network,” said GVP, solution executives, JDA, Fabrizio Brasca. “FourKites Predictive Capacity Management will enable JDA customers to extend the value of their JDA solutions.”

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FourKites reports that while matching freight capacity may not be new, conceptually, the new technology from the company leverages predictive data and real-time conditions to more accurately match load capacities.

“At a time when trucking capacity is at a record low and customer on-time delivery standards are hitting all-time highs, we are delivering a win-win solution for shippers, carriers and customers,” said FourKites founder and CEO Matt Elenjickal,. “FourKites Predictive Capacity Management will reduce the cost of shipping goods across North America by improving the industry’s net efficiency. We’re enabling companies to get products to market more quickly at lower overall operating costs.”

According to FourKites, the company’s PCM will match backhaul capacity within JDA customer’s fleet with available loads from other networked customers who have opted in to the program.

FourKites PCM will leverage the network of data on FourKites, the omini-modal supply chain provider to numerous shippers across the world.

Interested parties may learn more about FourKites on the company’s site.