Women In Trucking Updates Index, Reports More Women In Indsutry

by Jake Tully - Published: 4/26/2018

New findings in research conducted by the Women in Trucking Association has found that the number of female drivers in the United States has grown to 7.89 at the end of 2017 as well as a total 23.75 percent of women in trucking management roles.

These increases in female involvement in the trucking industry as tabulated by the National Transportation Institute (NTI) show an increase from January 2017, wherein it was reported that women comprised seven percent of over the road drivers and 23 percent of managerial roles.

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Women In Trucking (WIT) and the NTI report that there has been an increase in the number of carriers reporting figures for female involvement in the industry, with a 19 percent improvement of reporting figures relating to female drivers and managers within transportation.

Women In Trucking reports that companies who participated in the research reportedly saw close to a cumulative 30 percent increase in the female driver population overall across the country.

“Confidentiality is guaranteed and is also why we’ve been a trusted resource in the transportation industry since 1995,” said Leah Shaver, Chief Operating Officer at NTI. “We do not share WIT Index participant data or name with anyone, without their permission.”

NTI reports that companies may add their profiles to the Women In Trucking Index by visiting the company’s index and following the steps in order to join.