Volvo Celebrates 35 Years of Integral Sleeper Model

by Jake Tully - Published: 4/23/2018

Volvo Trucks announced earlier this week that the truck manufacturing company will celebrate the 35th anniversary of the company’s Integral Sleeper, a leading model from the company introduced in 1983.

Magnus Koeck, vice president, marketing and brand management of Volvo Trucks North America reports that within the company’s 90-year history, the Integral Sleeper represents an addition to the trucking lifestyle that is integral to the industry overall.

"Pioneering innovations in design, fuel efficiency, driver productivity and safety have defined Volvo Trucks throughout our 90-year history," said Koeck. "We're proud of our heritage and celebrate 35 years of aerodynamic design. With the Integral Sleeper model we truly introduced a new standard and all manufacturers quickly followed suit, a trend we continue to see today with automated manual transmissions, greater integration of connectivity services to help maximize uptime, and right-sizing of engines for improved fuel efficiency and weight savings."

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Volvo reports that the Integral Sleeper was the first model of truck that provided an improved aerodynamic cab and sleeper design in addition to a diverse array of truck offerings from the company.

According to Volvo, the Integral Sleeper, alongside other Volvo models, are part of the company’s vision of greater road safety across the globe, providing security and helping drivers save costs in terms of accidents avoided.

"Volvo aspires to zero crashes and zero injuries, helping protect drivers and all road users," said Director of product marketing for Volvo Trucks North America, Johan Agebrand. "Our global Zero Accident Vision is about helping improve safety, and mitigating these events also presents a tremendous cost savings to truck owners."

Although Volvo may be looking back at the anniversary of one of the first major changes to the face of sleeper cabs in the industry, it is also looking forward to potential innovations to come within the industry.

"We're in an exciting period when it comes to truck technology, and the speed of change is only accelerating," said Agebrand. "It's easy to get caught up in the technology revolution, but we must keep in mind the industry's journey and the transformative designs and innovations that will continue to sculpt the shape of trucks to come."