United World Line Employees Receive Hands-On Reward For Work

by Jake Tully - Published: 4/18/2018

Asset-based global 3pl United World Line reports that earlier this year that four employees who won the company’s “Supply Chain Award” were rewarded with an experience that allowed winners to experience a hands-on experience from the company’s logistics partners in New York.

The quarterly award, which was given to employees from offices across the country, allowed United World Line (UWL) employees to meet the captain of a container vessel as well as using equipment at UWL warehouses.

Duncan Wright, President at UWL reports that allowing staff to participate in a tactile and involved experience helps the employees get a better idea of the industry and environment they are working within.

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"In managing global freight, staff don't often get a chance to see or touch the movement of goods across the supply chain," said Wright. "You'd be amazed at how few have ever been on an actual vessel, yet they spend long and challenging hours making sure their customers cargo remains on time and is discharged and cleared in the ports."

UWL reports that following this reward for the “Supply Chain Award” recipients, the company will continue to offer the program to allow for a better visualization of the industry in which they operate within.

According to UWL, the next four recipients of the award have been selected for the upcoming supply chain award, with a trip planned to visit the company’s network of terminals surrounding the Port of Savannah.