Celadon Honored With Safety Award From Indiana Motor Truck Association

by Jake Tully - Published: 4/11/2018

Earlier today Celadon Trucking Services announced that it was awarded the 2017 Fleet Safety Award by the Indiana Motor Truck Association as part of the Safety and Maintenance Council Awards banquet on March 31.

Celadon reports that recipients of the award are determined based on criteria that examines a fleet’s total accident frequency within the state of Indiana, in which Celadon won the top designation in the OTR division for the category of 20-to-25 million-miles.

Tom Burck, vice president of safety at Celadon reports that winning such an award can be attributed to the company’s safety department and may help continue to accomplish safety-related goals in the future.

"This award goes a long way to validate the efforts of our Safety Department," said Burck. "The recognition will also help drive many of the initiatives that we are trying to accomplish in the coming years."

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Celadon reports that the company completed an overhaul of its safety incentive program in June of 2017 in order to encourage safe company driving by rewarding drivers with a point system based on their safety record.

The company reports that it plans on implementing additional safety programs through 2018 in order to include full-time safety staff at outside terminals and compensating drivers who complete clean roadside inspections.

"We're currently in the final comparison phase between two systems," said Director of safety at Celadon, Brandon Cain. "After the pilot test is complete, we'll evaluate the results and begin installation across our fleet."

According to Celadon, the company has seen a decrease in safety violations over the past 6 months, including one-third fewer accidents in backing and turning and a decrease of 36 percent in moving violations.