Trucker Buddy Provides Grants To Classrooms Across Country

by Jake Tully - Published: 4/02/2018

Alabama-based trucking nonprofit organization Trucker Buddy International announced today that 25 classrooms in the U.S. participating in the Trucker Buddy program have been selected for $500 grants from the company as part of the School Supply Grant Program.

According to Trucker Buddy International, the company offered grants alongside PeopleNet Communications to classrooms who participate in programs in which students act as pen pals with commercial drivers over the course of the school year.

Alan Welborn, Executive Director at Trucker Buddy reports that grants issued to classrooms across the country frequently help fund classrooms in which the teachers themselves have donated their own funds for supplies and other learning materials.

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"Trucker Buddy, with the funding from PeopleNet is thrilled to offer these grants to these deserving schools. Many teachers and drivers donate not only their time but also their own funds to help their classrooms so this is a great opportunity to help their community," said Welborn.

In participating as a Trucker Buddy classroom, drivers are assigned to a classroom following an extensive screening process in order to share their experiences of their career with students.

John Kurmheuer, PeopleNet VP of Sales for North America reports that providing grants with Trucker Buddy International may help provide the resources to lead students towards careers in professional transportation.

"PeopleNet is excited to be part of this scholarship program," said PeopleNet VP of Sales for North America John Krumheuer. "We are a strong supporter of education, and these grants will help deserving students pursue advanced education and careers in transportation."

For more information on Trucker Buddy, interested parties may visit the nonprofit organization’s site.