ATA Launches New Campaign To Advocate For Better Infrastructure

by Jake Tully - Published: 2/23/2018

Earlier this week, the American Trucking Associations introduced a new initiative in order to bring attention to the needs of infrastructure in the nation through showing the cost that motor vehicles cause through traffic congestion and disrepair of roads.

ATA President and CEO Chris Spear reports that education is a key element in urging policy-makers to work towards a stronger national infrastructure.

"Our goal is to educate decision makers and the public about the hidden costs of the status quo," said Spear. "If we're to secure a better future for our country and this economy, then we can no longer put off necessary improvements to our national network of roads and bridges."

The ATA reports that this new initiative, the Build America Fund, coincides with decisions being made in Washington regarding funds for bridges and roads.

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According to the ATA, the Build America Fund would be able to generate $340 billion in new revenue of the course of ten years without adding any extra expenses to the budget deficit.

"Opponents of a fuel user fee fail to mention a simple fact: deteriorating roads and bridges exact a heavy price on the motoring public – and that cost hits low- and middle-income drivers the hardest," said Spear. "A fuel user fee is completely paid for by users and does not add a penny to the deficit. There's a reason why Ronald Reagan was such a strong supporter of this policy throughout his presidency."

The ATA has launched a new website and infrastructure investment campaign entitled Road to a Better Future, providing users with resources that allow them to contact representatives and other lawmakers in order to urge them to advocate for better infrastructure in the country.

David Congdon, CEO of Old Domino Freight Line and co-chair of ATA’s Infrastructure Task Force reports that part of the solution may not lie simply in smart spending, but the initiation of spending altogether in the realm of infrastructure.

"What seems to get lost in the debate about highway funding is that there is a cost to doing nothing, too," said Congdon. "The irony here is that the cost of doing nothing is actually much higher than what is actually required to fix our roads and bridges."

For more information regarding the Build America Fund, interested parties may visit the ATA website.