Ryan Rogers Announced at CTO For Convenant Transport

by Jake Tully - Published: 2/20/2018

Chattanooga, Tennessee-based trucking company Covenant Transport announced earlier today the appointment of Ryan Rogers as Chief Transformation Officer for the company.

Covenant Transport reports that Rogers took over as the head of the company’s team for transformation and continuous improvement in January, now assuming the position of CTO at the company where Rogers will lead programs for merger and acquisitions, innovation and technology for strategic planning.

President of Covenant Transport Services Joey Hogan reports that Rogers appointment to CTO aligns with important movement forward for the company.

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“Ryan’s track record speaks for itself,” said Hogan. “He knows transportation and logistics, and he understands, as we do, that technology and data have the power to positively transform the way we do business, allowing us to work smarter and better, while leading the way for our industry.”

According to Covenant, Rogers’ most recent professional background comes from Amazon, wherein Rogers served as a transportation executive, as well a past role at U.S. Xpress Enterprises.

Rogers reports that assuming the role of CTO at Covenant will allow him to put his diverse scope of knowledge to work including a background of skills in fields such as finance, logistics, operations, innovation, mergers and acquisitions.
“This transition is an opportunity for me to capitalize on the background and experience I have, and to do so at Covenant, which has put itself in a very good position with its diverse operating companies,” said Rogers.

Rogers is reportedly serving as a mentor at Dynamo, a Chattanooga-based transportation and logistics incubator as well as serving as a member of the Chattanooga Technology Council.

Interested parties may learn more about Covenant by visiting their site.