Bridgestone Tires Added To England Carrier Service List of Products

by Jake Tully - Published: 2/08/2018

Earlier today, England Carrier Services, a provider of discounted services and motor carrier products announced Bridgestone as its most recent tire provider, a product that may be purchased through England Carrier Services directly.

England Carrier Services (ECS) reports that as a leading tire company, Bridgestone may present drivers with a wide variety of options replete with tire technology that can withstand many different road conditions.

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Ryan Lavigne, vice president of England Carrier Services reports that adding Bridgestone to ECS’ product offerings an opportunity that will help deliver top-quality products to drivers.

"This is an exciting opportunity that we are grateful to be a part of," said Lavinge. "We are proud to add Bridgestone tires to our offering of top tier products and services for carriers."

ECS repots that it provides drivers and customers in its network with tools for fuel factoring, tires, and services related to maintenance across the country, with customers seeing access to exclusive discounts.