Peterbilt To Showcase Autonomous Tractor At CES 2018

by Jake Tully - Published: 1/09/2018

In anticipation of the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas, Nevada later this January, Peterbilt Motor Companies has announced that its autonomous Model 579 tractor will be on display at the show later this month. 

While still in development, Peterbilt reports that the 579 Model, which features as PACCAR MX-13 engine and other autonomous technologies be on display for CES attendees.

“Technology is reshaping the commercial vehicle industry, and we have to be sure Peterbilt is on the front line of those developments,” said General Manager, Peterbilt Motors Company, Kyle Quinn. “CES is a melting pot of companies making breakthroughs and pushing the envelope in a wide variety of industries, trucking included. This opportunity to showcase Peterbilt’s work is exciting.”

Quinn reports that Peterbilt is operating in a time in the trucking industry where new technology may be at peak acceptance, and that the company is excited to be developing new trucking technology.

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“Throughout the last few years, we have seen some exciting developments in the commercial vehicle industry that have pushed the boundaries of innovation,” said Quinn. “I don’t think there has been a more exciting time to be working in this industry.”

Peterbilt reports that there are an expected 170,000 visitors expected to attend the 2018 CES from over 150 countries, and that more information on the company can be found at their site.