Purkeys Announces New DIRECT NoseBox Line

by Jake Tully - Published: 12/28/2017

In providing aid to drivers with what may be a common inconvenience, Lowell, Arkansas-based commericial trucking product manufacturer Purkeys has announced a new line of DIRECT nosebox units for use in commercial trucks.

Reportedly utilizing the space in the front of the trailer, the Purkeys DIRECT nosebox line allows driver to use the functionality of both the nosebox and the liftgate charging system combined into one unit. 

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CEO of Purkeys, Justin Purkeys explains that having one unit for the charging systems will be a significant boon for fleets that use them, and will provide ease for any power-related difficulties that may arise.

"The consolidation will be a significant benefit for fleets," said Purkey. "This generation of our liftgate charging system marks a significant landmark—previous generations are really cool, but we've taken it even further as we've streamlined the offerings. It's easier to install, easier to inspect, easier to troubleshoot—we are confident that between the three offerings, we will be able to provide the power the fleet needs."

Purkeys reports that in addition to a compact design, the DIRECT nosebox line includes features such as the ability to charge for a period of time after the tractor has turned off, LED indicators that are easily visible and an interior light timer control, among other abilities. 

According to Purkeys, use of the Nosebox may also help drivers save money and boost their efficiency rates, as they may not need to buy batteries as frequently as well as having the ability to avoid downtime on the road.

Interested parties may visit the DIRECT nosebox line product page for more information.