PrePass.Com To Debut New Look, New Industry Resources

by Jake Tully - Published: 12/27/2017

Call it a late Christmas present or a happy piece of news following the industry-wide ELD mandate – announces a new design and interface tailored towards trucking fleets and drivers of all sizes.

According to PrePass, the revamping of the company’s site will benefit fleets both large and small as well as the independent driver, with an emphasis on promoting awareness and safety within the trucking community.

Karen Rasmussen, President and CEO of HELP Inc, the non-profit provider of PrePass reports that the new interface on will be oriented towards a greater focus of working alongside law enforcement while still finding avenues in which to prosper economically.

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“HELP Inc. was created nearly 25 years ago as a public-private partnership to bring together federal, state and motor carrier industry decision-makers to advance safety and efficiency on our highways, which PrePass has done since day one,” said Rasmussen. “The new continues this mission with helpful safety information and details about the tools PrePass offers to increase fleet efficiency.”

Sources from PrePass report that the new site will host items such as a library for resources, videos, white papers and other documents related to trucking as well as a blog for breaking topics and developments in the industry.

Among the resources available to visitors of the site is the PrePass ELD and INFORM Data Suite, a set of tools that help users visualize data in order to increase efficiency and safety as well as help trucking companies control costs.