Survey Finds Half Of Respondants Not Prepared For ELD Date

by Jake Tully - Published: 12/12/2017

With an industry compliance date only six days away, nearly half of the industry reports that it is not yet ready for the ELD mandate deadline on December 18th, according to the results from a poll issued by HELP Incorporated earlier this month.

According to a survey conducted by HELP Inc., provider of PrePass weigh station bypass services, from November 30th to December 5th of this year, 49% of 1,620 respondents in the survey comprised of fleets and owner-operators reported that they had not yet selected an ELD.

HELP Inc., reports that of the respondents who had selected an ELD, 33% had installed the device while 18% admitted to selecting a device but not yet installing it.

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For those who did express that they had selected and installed the device, half of the participants who categorized themselves as fleet managers said that the devices were also operational, while 28% of owner-operators also had installed and operational ELDs.

On the other side of the conversation, of those sources who said that had not yet installed an ELD, 68% admitted that they do not plan on installing it before December 18th, with over 30% of this group admitting that they do not believe the ELD Mandate will take place.

HELP Inc, CEO Karen Rasmussen, reports that despite unwillingness in the industry to adopt ELDs, she believes that the FMCSA has every intention to enforce the rule beginning on December 18th.

“It is surprising to see that such a large share of both owner-operators and drivers as well as fleet professionals see no need or rush to comply with the upcoming ELD mandate,” said HELP Inc. CEO Karen Rasmussen. “Whether they are in favor of ELD or not, there is every indication that the FMCSA intends to follow through with its plans to require the devices without delay.”

For more findings from the HELP Inc. report, interested parties can visit the company’s site.